Employee care

As a subsidiary corporation of Kysun Holding (China)
Guangzhou Cheerwin household product co., ltd.,
adhering to the Kysun’s company culture "To Pursue The Both Material And Spiritual Happiness of Employee "
as the primary mission of the company.
Carrying out the "two-grades heart-to-heart talking" system
Caring staff starts from the understanding of the employees’ needs .Cheerwin has been carrying out "two-grades heart-to heart talking", carefully listening to the heart-felt wishes of the each employee, trying to understand the status of the employee's work and life through diversified channels, providing the help to staff as much as we can.
Setting up Staff Care Fund
The Staff Care Fund was established in the own name of the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Kysun’s BOD to provide the special assistance to the employees and their parents, spouses ,children who suffered from serious illness, accident or poverty in a timely manner to help employees to solve the difficulties.
Setting up The Medical Aid Unit
In addition to the induction physical examination , full coverage of medical insurance and annual physical examination for all the employees, Kysun set up medical aid unit to provide the best resources of hospitals and doctors ,which covers 36 kinds of serious diseases to the employees and their direct relatives.
Encouraging employees to innovate independently
Independent innovation is the engine of talent growth. In addition to providing comprehensive training to employees at different stages, the company also has been encouraging employees to innovate independently. For the improvement and innovation , which is valuable and initiative , first time in operation , which can generate enduring influence ,which was conducted for the purpose of solving problem, achieving the goal, improving the management, improving business efficiency are encouraged and promoted by
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