Group Brief

Guangzhou Cheerwin Household Product Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Kysun(Domestic) Co., Ltd.
which owns well-known brands such as "Superb", "Babeking", "Vewin", "Cyrin", "Bubbleuddies", "Carbonwin" etc. Our products cover household pest control, household cleaning ,air care,smart household cleaning tools, Pet care, Auto care etc. In 2017, Cheerwin ranked first in the domestic household anti-insect market, and ranked second in the domestic household cleaning product market.

Cheerwin owns many subsidiaries, including Leda, LeChong, Home, Guangzhou Cheerwin household product. Ltd, and Anfu Cheerwin Chemical.Ltd etc, taking the lead in setting up an industry-wide automatic production process and an automatic three-dimensional warehouse, becoming an industry-leading, benchmarking factory. We have the most advanced testing, laboratory analysis equipment and professional R & D team in the world, having the industry-leading scientific research capability. We insist on consumer orientation, consumer consideration, adhering to the concept of "Making natural, botanical, Intelligent, healthy, happy product to consumers", also providing high quality products and service solutions.

We have comprehensive home care brands including cleaning, insecticidal, disinfection and other household products covering application occasions of living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and so on.
We adhere to the strict inspection method and production process and adopt natural botanical ingredients to improve the consumers’ quality of daily life.
We have built a first-class R&D team, introduced international cooperation institutions to create innovative products jointly and have been leading the home lifestyle .
We have been leading the industry development, expanding the product categories actively, developing intelligent products, adhering to the thinking of improving the product convenience within intelligent technology.
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