Hiking for 112 kilometers in 4 days and 3 nights for rural education promotion
release date:2018-10-24
On August 2, 2018, 110 rural grass-root educators from Gansu, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Hunan, Hubei, Guizhou, and Hebei Provinces gathered in Guazhou County, Gansu Province to join in the “2018 Good Headmaster Growth Program” sponsored by Babeking under the Cheerwin Group. This event was organized by Beijing Geyou Community Aid Foundation and the Jiaoli Academy.


[Good Headmaster Growth Program]
Initiated in 2011, the “Good Headmaster Growth Program” offers customized management training courses from education scholars, entrepreneurs, and business management professors to rural headmasters, the core force of rural schools. Babeking held this program in order to improve their leadership, teamwork, initiative, and potential.

[Babeking’s public welfare efforts]
As the domestic, leading mosquito repelling and protection brand, Babeking has been organizing “A Mosquito-free Summer for Left-behind Children,” “Babeking Harmful Insect Popular Science Hall,” and other public welfare programs for rural residents and their kids. Babeking organized this event together with state-level authorities over the last few years. This is consistent with their core goal of the “Good Headmaster Growth Program” which is focused on education and growth.

Campus “A Mosquito-free Summer for Left-behind Children” public welfare course

“Babeking Harmful Insect Popular Science Hall” parent-child Popular Science interaction

[Various brand support]
For the “2018 Good Headmaster Growth Program”, Babeking not only provided product and material support, but also invited experts to teach and show headmasters how to prevent harmful insects bites and control diseases in the Gobi desert and at campuses.

 Product and material support offered by Babeking

 Instruction by Babeking experts

Experts showing headmasters how to use mosquito repelling products properly

[Volunteers working together]
For the 2018 Good Headmaster Growth Program, some parts of the path of monk Xuanzang of the Tang Dynasty were selected. It began with the Asoka Temple in Guazhou County, ran through the Changle, Huangguyi and Huoxing camps, and ended up at the Qingquan Golden Tent. The total length was 112 kilometers. The Babeking volunteers escorted the headmasters throughout this 4 days and 3 nights hike, and helped them overcome extreme difficulties.

A volunteer assisting an injured headmaster in walking

A volunteer beating a drum to encourage headmasters

[Good Headmaster Mobile Classroom]
“A good headmaster means a good school.” During this long journey, Babeking witnessed the resolution of these elite educators from remote areas and prepared teaching materials for each participant in the campus-based Popular Science education on mosquito repelling and protection.

 Teaching material of “Good Headmaster Mobile Classroom

General Manager Xie Rusong of Guangzhou Cheerwin Group conferring an award to the outstanding team

 A female hiker winning the “Gobi Desert Rose” award


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