Cheerwin takes its national brands to the world
release date:2018-10-24
In early 2017, Cheerwin’s marketing, sales, R&D, and regulatory teams paid a three-day visit to the Philippines. Through field visits, door-to-door questionnaire surveys, channel analyses, and communications and negotiations with dealers and the government, Cheerwin established a strategic partnership with local agency, the Novo Group. This partnership will have a business volume of over RMB 10 million in three years. This was a key step for Cheerwin to increase its overseas awareness and market share.

(Reaching a cooperation intention with the Novo Group)

NOVOThe Novo Group has hundreds of stores in the Philippines. The Novo Group introduced Vewin disinfectants and Superb bathroom cleaning products into the Filipino market for the first time in 2017. These products have been distributed to hundreds of stores under the Novo Group.

The Philippines is one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia with a GDP growth rate of over 7% in 2017. This is second only to China and Vietnam. With the elevation of the consumption level of residents, the Philippines have a huge market potential. Cheerwin thoroughly investigated stores of the MT and GT channels in the Filipino market to learn about the market, products, supply channels, and consumer characteristics. This investigation provided a strategic basis for its targeted presence in the Filipino market. The cooperative agreements, entered into with the Novo Group, are an important part of Cheerwin’s strategic efforts in the Philippines. Cheerwin’s aim is to build the Filipino market into a model for overseas markets. Furthermore, Cheerwin wishes to improve the global competitiveness of the Superb brand.


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