Cheerwin was the industry leader at the 2018 Daily Product Industry Summit Forum
release date:2018-10-24
On July 9, 2018, the 2018 China Daily Product Industry Summit Forum sponsored by Cheerwin and organized by China Sundry Articles Industry Association was held at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center. Board Chairman Chen Kaixuan of Kysun Holdings (parent company of Cheerwin) was invited to attend the meeting. He shared the industry developments around the topic of “new consumption opportunities in the new age.”


Board Chairman Chen Kaixuan gave a speech.


Chairman Yang Xijing of China Sundry Articles Industry Association, Deputy General Manager Tu Xianwen of Cheerwin Group.


The attendees visited the Cheerwin booth.


On July 10, at a session of the forum, the “Daily Product Brand Licensing Forum & Network and Negotiation Meeting,” the Cheerwin representative shared an experience in cooperation on Cheerwin’s own IP, the Shanghai Disney Resort IP, and the Beauty and the Beast IP through the topic of “Analysis of Brand IP Marketing Cases”.


Cheerwin representative’s speech


IPOriginal IP—Vewin Home Cleaning Group


IPOriginal IP—Vewin Kitchen Cleaning


Vewin &cooperation with the Shanghai Disney Resort IP


Xilan&disinfectant cooperation with the Beauty and the Beast IPIP


On July 10, enterprise representatives gathered together to visit the Liby center and the Cheerwin booth to promote communications among members.


The attendees visited the Cheerwin both.


The attendees learned about Cheerwin products.了解产品


In this new generation and consumption age, this two-day forum promoted greater communications and exchanges among members through the sharing of valuable experiences of industry leaders like Cheerwin. This forum sparked new ways of thinking about future opportunities and industry development.


Group photo of the title sponsors and the organizers

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