Scientific Research Capability

After continuous investment and development, Cheerwin has built a global innovation R&D system, with the spirit of being more open, free, and energetic, it has successfully achieved technological breakthroughs and innovations one after another, leading the industry's cutting-edge technology trends.
R&D Team
More than 80 percent of R&D personnel have graduate degree or above .They have formed a dynamic and creative product development and quality assurance team ; Moreover, it has a joint development and technology platform sharing strategy relationship of long-term core technology with Guangzhou Liby Enterprise group.
Degree or above
Technical specialist
Scientific Research Platform
Domestic Light Industry Green Cleaning Products Key Laboratory
Key Laboratory of Research and Application of Renewable Resources for Daily Chemicals in Guangdong Province
The first academician expert workstation in Domestic's daily chemical industry
Guangdong Daily Chemicals Engineering Technology R&D Center
High-tech enterprise, Post-doctoral research workstation
Guangdong Enterprise Technology Center
Scientific Research Environment
We have built a world-class R&D center--Green Life Research Institute with precision instruments and equipment, open-and-free office environment.
Technological Breakthrough

Cheerwin has 30 patents, of which 27 are invention patents, 17 are authorized, 3 are utility model patents and 3 are authorized. It has leading level in the industry.

The initiative lotus cleaning technology has a two in one homecare and cleaning effect makes the next cleaning easier.
Efficient sterilization and long-term antibacterial technology with non-toxic and non-irritating formula gives you a clean and healthy home environment.
Efficient greasy oil removal technology makes kitchen oil removal easier, softer and less irritating.
Advanced toilet wall adhesion technology has more enduring, sweet-scented effect.
Domestic initiative hyflurismethrin series hygienic insecticide help your family having a better summer mosquito repellent and good sleep;
Domestic initiative smoke free plant fiber mosquito coils makes the production process more environment friendly and lower carbon consumption;
Domestic initiative Room temperature volatile mosquito repellent technology makes the insect repellent more healthier, safer and dust-free;
Domestic initiative plant anti-mosquito liquid within the active ingredients extracted from lemon pod plant prevent you from mosquito bites effectively;
The first domestic Pyrethrum aerosol can achieve the effect of quickly killing mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches with the active ingredients extracted from Chrysanthemum morifolium;
Domestic initiative insect pheromone attracting technology can trap home pests "cockroach" effectively;
We have more than 20 invention patents, including near-neutral efficient oil removal technology, long-lasting glass anti-fog technology, active oxygen stabilization technology, efficient formaldehyde removal technology, aerosol can corrosion inhibition technology, effervescent tablet stabilization technology, solid fragrance molding technology, fiber mosquito-repellent, water-based electric mosquito liquid technology, and caries control technology.
Scientific Research Platform
Cheerwin has established strategic partnerships with numbers of international daily chemical giants, applying global leading technologies to product development, and leading the development of industry technology with a global vision and innovation system.
Global Partners: Dow Chemical, BASF, DuPont, Novozymes, Givaudan...
Cheerwin has also been keeping long-term cooperation with national scientific research institutions and key universities.
Scientific research institution: China Institute of Daily Chemical Research, Sun Yat-sen University, South China University of Technology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences...
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