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  • Superb
    Core brand under the Cheerwin Group
    Superb is a specialized brand of household, hygienic insecticides.
    Launched in 2002, the Superb brand has become a leading, insect repelling and neutralizing brand in China after 16 years of rapid development.
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  • Babeking
    Adhering to the philosophy of a botanical, safe and effective repellent and neutralizer against mosquito and other insects, and the motto of providing love and care,
    Babeking uses safe botanicals to effectively repel mosquito and other insects, and offers products that are suitable for sensitive people.
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  • Vewin
    Vewin products “remove both dirt and bacteria.”
    Vewin offers healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly household cleaning products to help Chinese families maintain a healthy and hygienic household environment with ease.
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  • Xilan
    As a mid-and-high end air freshening brand in China,
    Xilan devotes itself to providing professional solutions to home air problems.
    Xilan’s core proposition is “Subtraction for the Air
    and Addition for the Atmosphere.”
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  • Household
    Guangzhou Tongli Daily Supplies Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary under the Cheerwin Group.
    Its six product categories include household cleaning products, disposable products, cleaning products, compression and storage products, washing and drying products, and protective products.
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    Hypoallergenic, natural, innovative, and convenient as BUBBLEBUDDIES’s motto
    to offer humans and pets a safe, healthy, comfortable, higher quality life.
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  • Carbonwin
    As a professional car care brand,
    Carbonwin sticks to the concept of health, safety, technology, and convenience.
    It meets customer needs with superior quality, value, and services.
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